Europe Active Sectoral Manifesto

Storytelling with composited footage and 3D animation

Working with EuropeActive is an absolute pleasure. The mission of delivering the Sectoral Manifesto is a huge undertaking. We were able to work with the EuropeActive’s President David Stalker and Executive Director Andreas Paulsen on the launch of Horizon 2025. Ensuring the most positive future for the activity sector, by bringing everyone involved in delivering activity together. To commit to providing the highest quality possible across Health, Digital, creating Communities and providing the platform for the highest Standards to be delivered. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic we were able to source a wonderful venue for filming the message David Stalker was to deliver, in the heart of London at ukactive’s Head Office. Commandeering the beautiful Piano Room, we set to work turning this space into a studio, building green screens and setting up the lighting rigs. Once the scene was set, we worked with the effervescent David on delivering the powerful message direct to camera. Directing and working with David in this way was a unique experience for us all and we were able to capture the message perfectly. 


We started off with simple sketches, working on a concept to provide a positive, visual representation of Davids speech. Progressing to 3D animations, we created a bountiful valley with each Pillar of the speech being represented by a swivelling, unfurling tree emanating from the ground

To composite the shoot footage effectively, a well lit scene was imperative and we employed the use of Kino Flo lighting system to ensure we didn’t have any hotspots. Everything was brought together in After effects, including relevant motion graphics ready for delivery at the FIBO EHFF event.

We look forward to supporting EuropeActive and everyone involved in committing to Horizon 2025 for a positive active future. 

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