Brand environments

We work with brands to bring their spaces alive innovating the combination of design and technology. From fitness studios to retail spaces we work end-to-end to suite your needs.

Studio design

Time to elevate your studio? We can improve your customer experience and deliver engaging spaces with graphic treatments, light installations and projection mapping.



Our Future Studios product provides 360 projection mapping that can fit any space, any size, any shape.  

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Future studios works by installing projectors in your space and mapping them perfectly to your walls.

Using the provided tablet in the studio or remotely via our bespoke Future Portal software, you can then select unique, immersive environments to transform your space into anything from cityscapes to forests to interstellar travel.

Each environment comes with its own unique soundscape, some even have their own weather patterns or you can play your own music, the choice is yours.

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The Future Portal is our bespoke software that is the brain behind Future Studios.

You can securely login to your portal from anywhere and remotely schedule your Future Studios in all locations.

You can schedule different environments to automatically turn on weeks in advance.

You can also browse our ever expanding content library and download new environments to suit your needs.

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If you are interested in a Future Studio for your space, fill out the form below and we can have a chat about your requirements and provide a quotation.


We provide integrated, in-house digital design solutions including web sites, web applications, 3D visualisation, animation, video production and editing.


We design bespoke, clean and responsive websites ensuring the best possible experience across all devices.

Need graphics? No problem, we provide logo and graphic design. We also can provide you with a guideline document to ensure your brand stays consistent as you expand and grow.

Need a domain and hosting? We provide the full package including hosting, security, domain management and SSL certificate



You can breathe life into your content, grab attention and dramatically increase engagement with Motion Graphics & Animation. We can work with your existing assets or design fresh graphics to elevate your media.

Adding motion to your graphics increases engagement, penetration and effectiveness of communicating your message.


3D visualisation gives you the opportunity to see and understand your concept before committing to prototype or build. It allows for fast iteration of product development and enables everyone involved in the project to make quicker decisions to move projects forward with confidence. Saving time and budget across the project.

Visualisations can also serve as a useful marketing tool for presale content where required.



Engage your audience with our end-to-end video production services. We can supply everything from script writing, crew, direction, edit and export. We have experience working on live event capture, brand engagement, retail campaigns and social media content.


Whether you are refreshing, elevating or developing a new brand we provide research capabilities, strategy and narrative, design and implementation services to help grow your business.


We create brand identities that symbolise the right perception for your business and distinguish your business in the consumers mind. We design by data to make brand designs that communicate clearly with your target audience. 

We work on making sure your identity is sustainable and this differs from business to business. A sustainable brand identity and design will deliver unification and value to your business and audience, laying the foundation for brand success. 



Brand Guidelines act as an important document that assists your business in communicating a consistent message to your audience. The Guidelines become an asset for creating consistent, on-brand content, whoever is working with you. Your brand style guide communicates your company’s standards.  

We work with you to build these guidelines as a solid company document, incorporating your tone of voice and values within them. 

We can help standardise and elevate your existing collateral into a cohesive toolkit or support the development of a brand refresh or rebrand.  


We can visually transform your message and create full graphic kits and campaigns for all media. We create 2D& 3D graphics for web & print, video content, motion graphics, animation, and photography. 

We provide logos and branded assets, large format graphics, signage, packaging, wayfinding, editorial design for magazines and books, advertising and web graphics 



We provide concept 3D services to iterate your idea quickly. We then progress to CAD design, prototyping, full manufacturing and shipping.


Got an idea for a product or space? We provide end-to-end design services for new products and spaces. 

We bring your ideas to life with 3D visualisations, iterating quickly to finalise the perfect design. We then progress to CAD design to ensure build feasibility, advising on the most suitable materials and finishes for your use case, environment and budget. 



We have a full prototyping service and provide global manufacturing and shipping capabilities that are flexible for project requirements. 


Prototype and Production takes place within UK. We have strong partnerships with haulage companies that enable us to deliver direct to Europe with ease. We have manufacturing capacity with our partners in China which allow us to deliver quality consistency and cost effectively across the globe. 



We ensure your projects health with the right blend of people, technology and process. 


We conduct full site surveys for all projects which are then visualised in our visual decks. Each deck details full dimensional data, photos and proposed creative in granular detail.

These decks then become the centralised data source for the entire project. Providing a standardised document for client sign-off, an organisational tool for on-site project managers and a fitting guide for our installation teams.



Our install teams are CSCS registered and hold PASMA and IPAF certificates. These are distributed along with the Risk Assessments and Method Statements for each project.

From permanent installation through to exhibition build and breakdown, our teams are multi-disciplined, agile and available across the UK and EU.


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