The Memento Group

A unique headquarters, like no other.

The scope of what TMG is building is ambitious and vast. Working closely with the TMG team we were able to bring the ideas to life, assisting with the rapid build project of this bold brand.  

We have been involved specifically in the creation of the unique Head Quarters. The beautiful surroundings of the existing barns are the perfect backdrop for the quite extraordinary work that is carried out here. Creating accurate 3D visuals of the spaces allows the TMG team to make visually informed decisions on the build direction phase after phase.  

The internal works produced are of the highest standard and include a blend of bespoke seating areas mixed with powerful production and manufacturing spaces. The ‘Race Bays’ are in the final stages of the build and provide beautiful contrast to ‘The Lodge’. As the project grows and grows and the TMG vison becomes a reality, this remarkable project keeps travelling forward. 


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